Oliveda Review

We just love a European skincare moment, don't we?

What I love the most about the Oliveda products is that they aren’t water-based. Therefore, they are ultra concentrated with active ingredients so they give major results. They also include ingredients and extracts from the olive leaves and tree bark, not just from the olive itself!

Before we get into the review, I just wanted to mention that I have a discount code (LAUREN15) that you can use if you want to treat yourself to some Oliveda goodies.


ANTI AGING FACE CREAM – This does make my face super soft and evens my complexion, but the biggest difference I’ve seen has been on my decollete. It’s crucial to take your skincare from the top of your forehead right down to your nips, just FYI! My decollete has been looking much smoother, firmer, and has a more even tone.

CELL ACTIVE SERUM – Firstly, this serum smells so damn amazing! It does look a bit thick at first when it comes out of the dropper, but it’s actually very silky and doesn’t feel sticky on the skin. This has made my pores look smaller and really makes my skin look extra glowy.

ANTI WRINKLE EYE CREAM – In this eye cream, there is Oliveda’s olive leaf cell elixir and extracts from the sun-ripened arbequina olive. These ingredients help to firm the skin, depuff, and smooth out wrinkles. This eye cream isn’t sticky and absorbs right away so concealer layers overtop beautifully.

If I had to pick one must-have Oliveda product, it’s definitely the Cell Active Serum. Next, I’m dying to try their Cinnamon Ginger Body Balm. I mean, how dreamy does that sound?!

Don’t forget you can use code LAUREN15 to save on your order.