Pop of Teal Winter Glam

Yesterday on my Instagram story, I did a poll to see what kind of makeup looks you guys like the best. It didn’t surprise me that most people said they prefer neutral looks, but there were still quite a few that said they wanted a bit more colour! The Holidays are the perfect time for a bold lip or colourful eye, it’s all about having run remember?! Initially I was going to keep this look nice and neutral, but at the last minute I decided to add a pop of teal on the eyes.

pop of teal eyeshadow
Choker Dress from

Teal can give a look over-the-top 80’s party girl vibes if you aren’t careful, so I used a little bit of MAC’s Steamy Eyeshadow with Artist Couture Mermaid Fantasy Diamond Glow Powder on the center of the lid near the lashline. Remember to keep the rest of the face simple so it isn’t too overwhelming, I used a neutral lipstick and the Baby Lips Gloss for a bit of shimmer.

Since I’ve started using more colours, I know my makeup skills have improved and I’ve become so much more confident wearing bold looks. I encourage all of you to break out the bright colours and experiment with your makeup during the holidays! Even just adding a bit of colour to the center of the lid, lower lashline, or inner corner is a fun way to change it up.

Do you prefer neutrals like me? Or are you adventurous with colour? Let me know below!

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