Imagine being totally confident, loving your body, and feeling like a complete goddess at all times.

Yes babe, it’s absolutely possible!

Right now you can’t stop comparing yourself to other women, feel unhappy in your body, and are totally stressed out by food and exercise. You’ve tried a ton of diets and skinny teas, but nothing seems to make you feel better.

Maybe you’re generally lacking self-love and feel the constant need to lose weight to change your body. Even shopping for clothes and getting dressed makes you feel anxious because you don’t love the body you’re in! Believe me, girl, I’ve been there.

I know that deep down, you want to love your body and feel sexy!

Body Positive

So imagine this life instead
  • You love what you see in the mirror and feel gorgeous AF 24/7.
  • Your relationships are deeper and your career is thriving, thanks to your abundance of self-love and confidence. See you never, toxic friends!
  • Move over Gigi Hadid, the most stylish person in the room is now YOU!
  • You can go to brunch with your girlfriends and eat whatever you feel like with zero guilt. TYSM, intuitive eating skills!
  • Going to the gym is SO much fun and you’re crushing your workouts.
  • You’re not comparing yourself to other women and your girl gang is stronger than ever.
  • You have so much less anxiety and finally recognize you’re too much of a queen to be stressing so much.
  • You’re feeling confident AF and crushing your career goals. Hello, new promotion!
  • You have an amazing daily routine that is up-levelling your life on all levels. Think a cleaner home, better closet and daily self-care rituals that are supercharged with self-love.

My Story

of course, getting to this place can feel totally impossible and hopeless.

But I promise it's not, so let me tell you my story and spill the body posi tea!

I’m a beauty and lifestyle blogger turned body positivity activist. I’m also an esthetician and have in-depth knowledge of skincare and just all things beauty! My beauty philosophy has always been that it’s not just about what looks good on the outside, it’s also about FEELING good on the inside. I’ve learned to use beauty and self-care as a powerful tool to transform the way I look and feel. But the deep, major confidence I possess took some major work.

For 15 years, I struggled with an eating disorder and hated what I saw in the mirror. I always felt like I wasn’t good enough, that I didn’t deserve to feel sexy because of my weight and shape. Society and the media constantly told me to shrink myself, and I hated that I wasn't reaching societies supposed "standards" of beauty. Regrettably, I took extreme measures to change the way I looked, thinking that if I were in a different body, I'd finally be happy. I tried every meal plan, exercise program, and all of those weird Instagram skinny shakes. So gross!

I am proud to say that my life is now filled with self-love and body positivity. My relationship with my body and has undergone a complete transformation. Since I shifted my mindset and figured out a routine that works for me, the way I live my life and view the world has completely changed.

As far as food goes, I pretty much eat whatever I want! There is so much trust between myself and my body that I'm no longer obsessing over calories or my weight. I think one of the best decisions I ever made was tossing my scale in the trash. What I see on social media or in magazines just doesn't phase me anymore, I'm so happy in the body I'm in, and nothing can change that.

My relationships and connections with others are better than ever. I’m able to be present in my life and pursue my passions knowing that I am worthy of success. My daily routine and self-love rituals I've developed make me feel beautiful, inside and out. I am living my most glamorous life, in the body I've been given. I'm living the glossy, saucy, body posi life I have always wanted. It has taken a lot of hard work, but I’ve never been happier or felt more confident in my entire life. So very glossy and body posi AF!



My 12-week group program will have you feeling glossy and body posi AF. I’m talking a full-on self-love glow-up! But what exactly does glossy and body posi mean? A glossy and body posi woman is fierce, sexy, and strong AF. She’s slaying all areas of her life and each day just gets better. She’s the one who owns her look and makes heads turn everywhere she goes. She’s the leader of her girl gang and inspires others to be more body posi. Hello, squad glow up! She’s more than just content in her body, and she’s in love with what she sees in the mirror and owns her gorgeous!

  • 01. Goals

    You are getting my comprehensive body posi 12-week plan. In this consult, we’ll be mapping things out and getting you set up for major success.

  • 02. Mindset & Language

    Become a body posi psychic. Love your body, know your body, and feel your body. I’m teaching you ALL of the techniques to be attuned AF.

  • 03. FOOD

    The food relationship formula to eat whatever you want, sans guilt.

  • 04. FITNESS

    Fall in love with fitness and slay your workouts! Feel sexy AF after each and every sweat sesh.


    All areas of your life will be totally glossed-up.


    All the tools and confidence you need to speak up and advocate for your fabulous self both professionally and personally.


    As an esthetician, I'll give you all of my top beauty tips! You’ll become a total beauty guru and be glowing like never before.


    Confident and sexier than ever, and continuing to gloss up each and every day.

Here's what you're getting

I am your body love BFF, and I want you to realize your full potential!

  • 12 90-minute self-love and body positivity group coaching sessions to take your relationship with yourself to the next level.
  • An ultra supportive community of women that inspire and lift each other up. Our private Facebook group is a place where you can ask me questions and reach out for support from other program members.
  • Worksheets and exercises catered to your goals to help you level up in all areas of your life.

This is a $100 investment.

There are payment plans available. If you’re ready to live your most glamorous live in the body that you already have, schedule a free consultation call and let's chat! I’ve been in the place that you are and know exactly how you feel. But I’ve glossed up and am more body-posi than ever! My life has completely changed thanks to this new outlook and all of the confidence I have. OH PS. If the group thing isn’t really for you, I also offer 1-1 coaching! Just reach out to me and we’ll come up with the perfect plan to have you feeling fab in no time. I’ve overcome these feelings, and I know you can too. I see you slaying all areas of your life and being the most body-positive you’ve ever been. If you’re ready for a major gloss-up, schedule a call or send me an email and we’ll get you feeling glossy and body-posi AF!

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