Pumpkin Spice Latte Body Scrub

What better way to take your love of pumpkin spice to the next level than to cover yourself in it? Pumpkin spice lattes are obviously the most heavenly thing on earth, but they can also reduce the look of cellulite and make your skin silky smooth…. Just not by drinking them (I wish). This PSL body scrub is super easy to make and guaranteed to get you into the fall spirit.

To make enough body scrub for you and a friend, you’ll need the following:

Pumpkin Puree (1/4 cup)
Brown Sugar (4 cups)
Jojoba Oil (2 tablespoons)
Coffee Grounds (2 tablespoons)
Cinnamon (1 teaspoon)
Vanilla Essential Oil (5 drops)

Mix all of this together and your scrub is good to go! Give yourself a good scrub in the bath or shower, rinse off, and watch your skin glow. Make sure to use it up within a few days, it’s much better fresh!

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Ingredient Benefits

Pumpkin Puree
Packed with Vitamin C, which fights free radical damage. Think of free radicals as these nasty little molecules that speed up the aging process of our skin.

Brown Sugar
Aids in the exfoliating process, but is more gentle than using a salt based scrub.

Jojoba Oil
Hydrates and conditions the skin, but you can swap it out for another oil (olive, sweet almond) or omit this ingredient. It does give you a healthy dose of moisture, so it isn’t entirely necessary to put on body moisturizer post-scrub…. #LazyGirlSolutions!

Coffee Grounds 
Caffeine tightens the skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite, and the grainy texture of the grounds slough off dead skin cells. When you use coffee grounds in this scrub, make sure they’re full fuel and not decaf!

Very healing and detoxifying (bye-bye, bacne). It will also increase circulation, so if your skin gets a little red or warm, don’t freak out! If you start to feel it burning or getting itchy, rinse immediately.

Vanilla Essential Oil
Makes the skin smell amazing, the scent is super relaxing.

I hope you enjoy making this PSL scrub! I’d love to see if you made it, so make sure to tag me on Instagram (@laurenslipglossary) or send me a snapchat (laurenmkwill).