Real Talk: Rolls

Lets talk about rolls! Stomach rolls, back rolls, waist rolls... ALL of the rolls.

I feel like there is so much shame around having “rolls.” We’re told that if we don’t have a flat tummy, we’re not attractive. The whole “bikini body” ideal is just total trash. I’d like to note that whether you’re curvy, slim, or anywhere in between… You have a bikini body!

Real Talk: Rolls

No more “sucking it in” TYSM!

Our skin is designed to twist and bend with us, so rolls are natural AF. I’d much rather be comfortable than feel the pain of constantly having to suck my stomach in.

I can honestly say that the thought of having rolls just doesn’t cross my mind anymore. My body is the way it is, and I’m grateful for it, rolls and all! There are just so many other things I want to give my attention too, rather than worrying about the way I look at the beach.

Real Talk: Rolls

Also yes, I do have cellulite on my stomach and it’s no big deal.

I just wanted to write this post to remind all you that you’re gorgeous AF, just the way you are. I want to remind you to relax, settle in, and let go of the constant need to “suck it in.” Stop worrying about your stomach, your rolls, or any other body parts that might be getting you down.

Oh, and also to share a little secret!

I’m working on something really big that I can’t wait to share with you guys. I’m creating something that is going to help you live your most glamorous life in the body you already have….

In addition to that big project, I’m also launching a podcast! You can follow along on Instagram @GlossyBodyPosi. More details coming soon ;)!