Real Talk | My Struggle With Depression + Personal Tips

Last week on Instagram, I posted a poll asking if you guys wanted to hear some “real talk” and see some more personal posts on the blog…. So here we are!

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Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been stuck in a depressive episode. Depression is something I’ve struggled with since I was 14 years old, so this isn’t new to me, but that doesn’t make it suck any less.

Whether you have depression or not, surely you know what it’s like to have a really terrible day. I know for a fact that I am not the only human currently struggling to get out of bed or make it through the day without having a breakdown.  So, I figured I’d share some of the things to help me combat the negative thoughts, anxious moments, and general sh*t-storm in my mind caused by depression. By no means am I a medical professional, but I hope this post makes you laugh, encourages you to try something new, and reminds you that you’re not alone.


Gratitude plays a massive roll in keeping me grounded and helps me stay positive when my mood is really low. Most people write down 3 things that they’re grateful for, but I do my daily gratitude journal a bit differently. I write down the highlight of my day, one thing I’m grateful for and one thing I’m proud of. There has been a ton of research done that proves expressing gratitude is good for your health, but if you don’t believe me, but I suggest you give this a try and see what happens ;).


My dad always reminds me to look ahead and get excited about the things that are coming up. Whether it’s getting a mani/pedi or going on a weekend trip, it’s something fun! On the days where I feel like “I literally cannot” for one more second, I’ll flip my planner open and remind myself “I literally can” because I have something to look forward to. Even better, plan some fun things for your weekend or days ahead to keep the focus forward.


Whenever I get depressed, I just want to isolate. If I’ve committed to a social event, I always force myself to go for at least 15 minutes. The rule is, I’m not having fun after 15 minutes, then I can leave. Typically once I get there, I am so glad I went and end up having a good time.


Personally I still find setting aside time to meditate annoying AF, but it truly does help. I meditate before bed because it always helps me wind down from the day. Honestly I probably would not meditate if I didn’t have the Headspace App, it’s such a game changer. There are “mini” sessions that are only a minute or two, so you really have no excuse not to meditate daily!


Lack of sleep only means my mood will dip lower, my anxiety will get higher and let’s be frank; I’m a bitch when I’m tired. Having a little evening/bedtime routine to help wind down is a huge key. My routine consists of journalling, gratitude lists, doing self care (with my fave hand cream, cuticle oil, facial mist), and reading a book. Having an essential oil diffuser and Dohm machine have done wonders for insomnia.


Reiki is a therapy that uses energy to heal the body. This seriously changed my life and I highly suggest you give it a try! If you’re in Vancouver, Jose Leon is an AMAZING practioner! Fun fact, I currently have my level 1 Reiki certification and want to get my level 2 in the future.


Vancouver is rainy and dark AF all winter, which obviously sucks for more reason than one. Having to wear rain boots 24/7 is annoying, but the lack of vitamin D is really the worst part. A few months ago I started using a The Happy Lamp, it literally and figuratively brightens up my day.

I’m super excited you guys are here for the real talk, because my life is not all unicorns, glitter, and lipgloss as you can see. Most of the time I struggle to find the motivation to do anything, including all that I have mentioned above.Nothing lasts forever, things and feelings change, and you should always be around to see that. Even when it feels like it never will, things will get better, I promise.

If you have any tips, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

With all of my love, Lauren Will

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