Reviewing Bali Body’s NEW Gradual Face Tan

Bali Body just launched a NEW gradual face tan cream and we need to discuss it! This self-tan meets skincare situation has been keeping me consistently bronzed and glowing so I’ve got to share the details.

I am in love with the dispenser on the gradual face tan jar! Two pumps is just the right amount to cover the face and décolleté. It just feels so nice on the skin, the texture is so silky and sinks right in. This cream is fragrance-free which is great for folks with sensitive (or more reactive) skin. I have been having the WORST time with psoriasis/eczema on my face lately and this did not trigger new or existing patches! It’s super moisturizing thanks to the aloe extract, shea butter, and sweet almond oil in the formula. It isn’t too heavy/rich, it can definitely be worn in the daytime under SPF and won’t make you greasy. And let’s not forget the antioxidants! Which are major for anti-aging and keeping the skin healthy.