Robe Roundup

I swear 90% of the time when I’m at home, you’ll likely find me in a robe. But obvi, there are different robes for different reasons! So therefore, having just one option will simply not do. My favorite robe at the moment is this gorgeous lace number by Stylestalker. This is the robe I wear when I’m doing my makeup in the morning. Putting on something lacey or silky when I’m getting ready makes me feel glam, sexy, and ready to slay the day!

But before I’ve had my coffee and my eyes are barely open, I just want something cozy AF. It makes it much easier to leave my warm bed if I can hop into a robe that is just as comfortable. Not one bit concerned about sex appeal here! Give me all the fluffy/fuzzy/snuggly vibes, tysm! Also…Please tell me I’m not the only one who skips the towel after an early morning morning shower and opts for my terrycloth robe. Which is typically followed by a lounge sesh on my bed where I scroll through Instagram for far too long.

Because Valentine’s Day is coming up, there so many robes to choose from and a ton are on sale. These are essentially all of the robes I’m trying to refrain from buying ATM! But at the same time I just keep thinking, treat yo’self Lauren!!! Valentine’s Day is about love, which obvi includes self love ;)!

A monogrammed robe would make such a great V-Day present, adding a personal touch always takes a gift to the next level. If you wanna be really cute, then get matching robes for you and your boo! My friends often say I’m “extra” for wanting to have everything be matchy-matchy and monogrammed. But sorry not sorry, I like what I like ;)!76

Do you prefer silky sexy vibes or do you prefer something fluffy and furry? Let me know how you feel in the comments below!

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