Rose Gold Makeup

rose gold summer makeup

I’m completely obsessed with rose gold in all areas of my life, including makeup! This rose gold eye look was really easy to create and I think it’s perfect for summer. It is actually the look that came from my Inception of Beauty first impressions video!


If you want the rose gold to look super metallic and not just like a rosy/champagne shimmer, using a good foiled eyeshadow is key! Obviously there are about 1 million different rose gold eyeshadow palettes out there, but you can just mix a few shadows you already have to create the perfect shade. I mixed the shades Sable and Bronze from the Diamond Eyeshadow Palette to create a rose gold.

The best way to apply a shimmer or foil shadow is with a damp flat shader brush or with your fingers. This is just the easiest way to create a nice opaque layer that will give that gorgeous metallic pop we want.

To really make the rose gold stand out, all you need to do is just go in with a warm matte brown throughout the crease. You can get as smokey as you want with this, but I kept things pretty soft for this look.

Because the rose gold on the lid is the focus, I kept the brow bone and inner corner highlight nice and subtle. When there is shimmer on the lid and in those areas, I find the entire eye sort of looks like just one big shimmery mess. Use a light shade of matte shadow instead! This will still gave the same highlighted effect, just without the shimmer.

When it comes to picking lashes, go with something on the wispie side that allows the rose gold eyeshadow on the lid to show through.

To see exactly how I got this look, this video below has all the deets!