Rose Quartz Beauty Products I Love

Crystal inspired beauty products are TOTALLY a thing and I'm here for it.

rose quartz beauty products

You all know I’m obsessed with crystals in general (why and how I use them in this post), but rose quartz has to be my favorite! I love that it’s all about emotional healing, self-love, and compassion. Oh, it also fits my aesthetic perfectly, so there’s that ;).

Rose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil – This gives just the right amount of subtle shimmer and isn’t glittery at all.

Rose Quartz Gua Sha – Gua sha is so good for firming and toning the skin, we talk more about gua sha on this episode of the podcast.

Sephora Crystal Serum Roller – This roller comes empty so you can put your favorite oil or serum inside and infuse them with good energy!

KORA Crystal Luminizer – This cream highlighter comes in three shades: amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz.

Knesko Rose Quartz Face Mask – Hydrating, soothing, and boujee AF.

Self Love Eye Mask – Pop this in the fridge for extra de-puffing around the eyes.

Facial Roller – All the deets on why I’m obsessed with facial rolling in this post.

Crystalized Primer Water – This was co-created by crystal expert @TheHoodWitch, who is SO freaking cool.

Becca Glow Gloss – This gloss is super pigmented and ultra nourishing.

Jouer Highlighter – The glow is SO real! The shade Citrine is also gorgeous.

Pop On Reusable Nails – SO trendy and easy AF to apply.

Love Balancing Oil – Crystal and essential oil infused fragrance? Yasss.

Bath Bomb – Almost too pretty to use!