Current Fashion Obsession: Sheertex Pantyhose

Let me tell you about my latest fashion obsession that is the solution to SO many wardrobe malfunctions.

Let’s talk about the pantyhose struggle. Because girl, I know that you know, this struggle is real! I can’t even count the number of times I’ve ripped a pair of pantyhose before they’re even fully on. Ugh, the worst right? But don’t worry boo, I got you! Through Instagram, I discovered these amazing unbreakable pantyhose from Sheertex.

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Yes, that’s right, they’re unbreakable! I seriously mean that. You can pull, tug, and tear at these babies and they won’t rip.

My personal favorite from the Sheertex collection has to be the Shaping Sheers. They give a nice level of support without being too tight and they make your curves look AMAZING. It snatches in that waist and smooths everything out!