How To Calm Irritated Skin

The other night while I was enjoying a bubble bath and face mask, my skin had a rather negative reaction to the new mask I was trying. About 2 minutes after I applied it, I felt like my face was on fire!

Though this barely ever happens, these are a few of the things I do when my skin is reacting negatively to a product! It’s worth noting that sometimes skincare with high concentrations of active ingredients might cause a bit of a tingling sensation. But if it feels like it’s burning or you can feel your face swelling, remove it with cold water and a washcloth ASAP! Once it’s off, there are a few things you can do to help soothe and calm the irritated skin.


When my skin is highly inflamed, I try to go the natural route and avoid exposing it to other potentially irritating chemicals. Here are a few natural ingredients you likely have at home that are great for soothing irritated skin.


The flavonoids and antioxidants (an LLG skin fave) are perfect for helping reduce inflammation and calming the skin. You can chop a few slices and just lay them right over the area that’s irritated. They’re also really great for de-puffing and hydrating thanks to the high water content.

Aloe Vera

It’s got incredible healing properties and provides MAJOR hydration. I like to keep my aloe vera gel in the fridge, it feels 100x better when it’s cold. I always have extra bottles on hand in the summer for dealing with sunburns…Mostly for other people, because we all know I’m a psycho about SPF ;).

Chamomile Tea

Antibacterial, antiseptic, and just calming AF! LLG TIP: I like to brew the tea and pour it into icecube trays and freeze it! Then I have these lovely little cooling skincare cubes at the ready! But if you need relief ASAP, just put a cold tea bag on an area that needs it.