Real Talk: What Actually Happens When You Drink Skinny Tea

Get ready for MAJOR realness you guys.

My 16-year-old self thought that Skinny Me Tea would solve all of my problems. I saw all of the before and after pictures and just thought “wow, that could be me and if I have a flat stomach then I’ll FINALLY be happy.” I read the photo captions that claimed that you’d lose an insane amount of weight in just a matter of 30 days. At this time I was very ill and battling my eating disorder harder than ever before, so naturally, these teas were super appealing.

dea rose swimwear
You don’t need skinny teas in order to wear a bikini!!!

But do you want to know the real truth about these teas? Firstly, they taste absolutely awful! But what they really do, is make you shit your pants, VERY aggressively. I know we’re told by the companies that they have “amazing health benefits” and promise to “cleanse toxins” but literally all they do is make you have explosive diarrhea. EW. That’s probably TMI, but I’m just being real!

dea rose swimwear kali bikini
I’m wearing the Dea Rose Swimwear Kali Top and Bottoms. This bikini fits so well and the bottoms are reversible too!

These teas have Senna leaves as part of the blend, which are intense laxatives. I will never forget the pain I felt in my stomach when I would drink these teas. It was extremely uncomfortable and a total hazard to my health.

Dea Rose Swimwear

We’re constantly seeing celebrities and influencers post pictures promoting these “skinny teas” and “30-day teatox” and honestly, I’ve just had enough. Because of my first-hand experience, I know that all of these people aren’t drinking these teas! I mean come on, who wants to shit their pants in public and cry out in pain as your stomach cramps uncontrollable? Nobody!

I truly wish I knew then what I know now. However, SO much has changed and I’m so proud of myself, my eating disorder recovery, and the love I have found for my body. My hope is that none of you ever feel the need to buy these pant-shitting teas and remember that you’re just perfect exactly how you are.

Thank you for allowing me to be open, honest, and real. Love you!