How To Figure Out Your Skin Type + Why It’s Important


I did a poll on Instagram asking if you knew your skin type… Only 39% of you said yes and we need to fix this ASAP! As an esthetician, I have seen and treated every skin type, so don’t worry girl, I got you!


If you’re using products that aren’t suited for your skin type, you won’t see any results and can actually just make things worse.


I’m sure you’ve noticed a few things about your skin, based on how it feels throughout the day and how it reacts to certain products or the environment. So, of course, keep that in mind, but let’s just do a little test and see what we find out!


– Cleanse your skin, pat it dry, and then wait for an hour. DO NOT PUT ON ANY OTHER PRODUCTS, this is key!
– After waiting, take note of how your complexion looks/feels as a whole, but also look specifically at the U-zone (cheeks) and T-zone (forehead, chin, nose).
– If you have a magnifying mirror, definitely whip that out! You’ll be able to get a better look at your pores, skin texture, and see if there are any fine lines or congestion. Make sure you do this in an area that is well lit (natural lighting is best) so you can really get a good look.
– There are 5 skin types listed below, see which one best describes you and you’ll have your answer.



– Skin will look shiny and feel oily, especially in the t-zone
– Enlarged pores
– Prone to breakouts/acne (I struggle with breakouts and these are a few things that help keep my skin clear)
– Congested with comedones (AKA BLACKHEADS) and/or milia (AKA WHITEHEADS)
– Skin can look and feel textured due to breakouts, congestion, and acne scars
– Skin often gets oilier and your makeup tends to “slide off” as the day goes on


– Skin feels tight and itchy
– Dull complexion
– Dry and flakey in certain areas or all over
– Smaller, less visible pores
– Visible fine lines
– see my guide for the best cleansers for dry skin


– Skin will feel oily in the t-zone and dry or normal in the u-zone
– As the name states, you will have the characteristics of both oily and dry (or normal) skin


– Skin is red, irritated, inflamed
– Sensations of stinging, itching, burning
– Using a new product commonly results in irritation, dermatitis, or is generally just uncomfortable AF


If you don’t really experience any of what was mentioned above, Congratulations, you’ve got normal skin! Lucky you, because it’s pretty low maintenance for the most part. However, this is not an excuse to skimp out on a skincare routine!
– Not oily or dry/flaky, skin feels balanced and smooth
– Not prone to breakouts


Your skin type is something that you’re born with and won’t change. Skin conditions, on the other hand, can cause a change and tend to fluctuate.

So my skin type is combination, I have a normal u-zone but my t-zone is oily AF and I really struggle with breakouts. HOWEVER!  I always get dry, flaky patches in the winter and whenever I workout my skin, my skin gets extremely red. Dryness due to climate changes and redness are simply skin conditions that I experience, but they aren’t my skin type! Ya feel?


– Redness/irritation
– Dry patches
– Hyperpigmentation (brown spots, acne scars)
– Congestion (blackheads and whiteheads)
– Dryness (lack of oil)
– Dehydration (lack of water)
– Dark circles or puffiness
– Dullness
– Rough or uneven texture
– Fine lines and wrinkles
– Lack of elasticity/firmness

These concerns can be a result of a change in climate, hormones, pollution, genetics, aging, sun exposure, diet, stress, or might be a negative reaction to a new product.

Over the next week, I’ll be creating an in-depth guide for each skin type. I’ll show you what an ideal skincare routine looks like, my favorite products and tools, the best professional treatments, what you should avoid, and makeup tips catered to each skin type. I’ll be letting you know on my Instagram when each guide is up, so stay in touch! You can always send me a DM if you have any questions or still aren’t 100% sure what your skin type is. So until then, remember to wear your sunscreen (you know I’m hardcore about spf) and get ready to have the best skin of your damn life ;).