SLMissGlam Review


Hi lovelies!

I have been following the wonderful Stephanie (aka SLMissGlam) on Instagram and Youtube for quite a while now. She lives in Vancouver and also attended Blanche Macdonald like I did. It is so inspiring to see a fellow Vancouverite make her dreams a reality. She is pretty much a modern day barbie/princess/glam queen! All of her videos and photos look like a pink girly paradise! I attended her “Luxury Glam Party” this past spring, and it was phenomenal. The party was decorated so perfectly, there were tasty pink treats, and everyone was dressed up in pink of course, the entire atmosphere made for a magical evening. I recently purchased a brush set, candle, and a pair of lashes from her online store. I adore everything I bought. More on this below 😉

Glam Beauty Brush Set – I am obsessed with everything pink and sparkly, so these brushes are right up my alley. Not only are the gorgeous to look at, but they are super soft and make blending and applying products on the skin a total breeze.

Fluttery Glam Lashes – These lashes are so stunning, I have worn them a couple of times and I am in love! They are super curly and as the name says, fluttery. The band on these lashes is quite durable, so it makes them easy to reuse again and again. For cute and safe storage, you can pop them right back in the pink magnetic case they arrive in.

Sweet Saying Candle – As I am writing this, I just purchased the entire collection of candles…They are the best. “Real Life Princess” is the phrase on the candle I ordered originally, how adorable is that? When this candle is lit, it smells like I have been baking all day in my apartment! Some of the other available sayings are “Keep Calm and Be Glam” and “Sparkle Everyday“. When the candle is all done burning, you can use it as a brush holder! So sweet and so glam.

There are some fab prints you can buy on her website until September 30th! I just ordered one of each print for my glam room in my new apartment in West Hollywood… More on that later 😉

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