St. Tropez Review | Sunshine Ready Kit

“Sunshine Ready” is not only the name of this adorable little kit from St. Tropez,but it also describes how I’m feeling at the moment. I could definitely use a vacation to somewhere tropical for some much needed vitamin D. But until then, I’ll just have to stick to my supplements, happy lamp (best thing ever for seasonal affective disorder btw) and enjoy a faux glow thanks to St. Tropez! Last week I shared a few of my tips for self tanning, and today I’ll be reviewing everything in this set that comes packaged in a cute zip-up bikini bag.



I love the formula of the St.Tropez mousse, it’s super easy to apply and doesn’t feel sticky. My only complaint…. It doesn’t get me quite as dark as a like! Personally I want to look like I’ve spent a month in the tropics after…. Next time I’ll opt for the St.Tropez Dark Mousse. Available at Sephora (classic & dark).



The color developed really fast so that was great, though I did find I needed to use quite a bit of product to cover my full bod. My gosh, this moisturizer smells so much better than any other daily tanner I’ve used! When I used this in combination with the mousse, this gave me such a gorgeous bronze! It just made my skin look really healthy and appear more even. I’m such a klutz, so I love that self tanner can help to cover up the marks and bruises I get when I stumble around. Hahaha! Available at Sephora and Ulta.

Are you ready for the glow-up ? These are my pasty legs before and after usingthe bronzing mousse daily moisturizer.



This one is pretty basic, nothing too special about this mitt! But that being said, this is a much better alternative than just using my hands (with gloves on of course). For an even more flawless application, I love using the BodyBlender by beautyblender. Mitt available at Ulta and Nordstrom.


When this first came out, I remember trying it but wasn’t totally crazy about it. Perhaps that was due to the fact that I got the light shade and not the medium! Even though it’s described as “medium,” I’d say that the color is still pretty subtle. Definitely a lazy girl solution, it takes 3 minutes, there is no mess and it’s so hard to screw up. It smells a little bit funky, but other than that I think it’s a great way to get a glow. Available at Sephora, Ulta and Nordstrom.

If you’re looking to something along the same lines but is more budget friendly, Jergens makes self tanning version of their wet skin moisturizer. Now I haven’t tried this personally, but you guys know how much I love their original Wet Skin Moisturizer and I imagine it’s just as fab.

My tan lasted for about a week and faded out evenly, no patchy/blotchy areas here! St.Tropez is really the crème de la crème when it comes to tanning.

Have you guys tried any of their products?

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