Tarte Frxxxtion Stick Review

The Tarte Frxxxtion Stick is a cleanser, exfoliator, and mask all in one. Tiny yet mighty, this twist-up stick is EVERYTHING! I mean that figuratively and literally. 

I’ve been using this for the last couple of weeks and it has really helped to balance my combination skin. I love that the exfoliating grains are super fine, they’re gentle but still allow for a thorough scrub. As a mask, I just use it on my chin, forehead, and nose to help balance the oil production.I did run into a little packaging problem, the cleansing stick somehow managed to get stuck to the top of the lid. When I was finally able to pry the lid off, a huge piece of the stick broke off and flew across the shower. Oops. I just cleaned it off and stuck it back on, so no big deal. I still think the packaging is super cute and fun to use.

As far as ingredients go, the formula get’s a 10/10 from me! No artificial fragrances, colors, or crazy chemicals.KEY INGREDIENTS
Sea Algae – The idea of smothering your face in algae might be slightly off-putting, but it’s ultra-detoxifying properties are amazing. Goodbye dirt, oil, and other nasty bits.
Charcoal – This will also help purify and draw toxins out of the skin, giving a super deep cleanse.
Kaolin – My favorite! Kaolin clay is perfect for keeping the skins oil production in check.

I will be adding this exfoliator/cleanser/mask to the list of things I love that come in stick form, right next to cake pops. This is definitely a product I’d suggest for oily, combination, or acne-prone skin. Have any of you tried this stick, or any other products in Tarte’s Rainforest of The Sea range? I LOVE their Deep Dive Cleansing Gel! Let me know what your thoughts are below!

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