The Master Class

On Saturday July 25th I had the opportunity to attend Kim Kardashian-West and Mario Dedivanovic’s makeup Master Class. The class was absolutely amazing! Mario was very thorough in explaining the application techniques and products he was using. Kim was so down to earth, the witty banter between her and Mario was adorable. Kim kindly answered questions from the crowd about her personal beauty routine and gave a lot of advice on what she looks for in a makeup artist: I really learned a lot in those 5 hours. Not just about makeup, but also about the industry do’s and don’ts when it comes to professionalism. After snapping a quick picture with Mario, Kim, and some other people from the workshop I was handed a large gold gift bag absolutely filled to the brim with goodies. YAY. Safe to say I skipped out the door feeling pretty joyful. I am completely blown way by the generosity of the gift bags! Some of the products that I received I have been using and loving for years, others are totally new to me. Below I have posted my thoughts on my favorite items that came inside that big bag of fabulous. Enjoy 😉

Huda Beauty Lashes “Giselle”
These lashes are giving me life! I personally like for my falsies to be luscious, long, and wispy. Natural looking, yet still super glam… Lash addicts, you know exactly what I mean ;).

Benefit They’re Real Mascara
B\The formula is great in that it allows you to build layers of length and volume without your lashes getting clumpy. My favorite part about it would have to be the brush: the tip of the wand is dome shaped, and topped with little spikes so that allows you to make sure every single lash from inner to outer corner gets coated with mascara for a flawless look.

Charlottle Tilbury Colour Chameleon in “Dark Pearl”
I love a good shadow stick and I find them to be my go-to for when I’m trying to get ready in a hurry. This stick glides on smoothly, is longwearing, and the shimmery brown color is so gorgeous.

Giorgio Armani Beauty Eye Tint in “Gold Ashes” #12
Liquid and cream eye shadows can be really amazing but I hate that they often stay too soft and maintain their liquid state after application and end up creasing and smudging on the eyelid. This liquid eye tint from Giorgio Armani absolutely slays. Shortly after applying it to the lid, the tint dried and lasted all day! It’s shimmery but definitely not too glittery, so, this specific shade could also double as highlighter elsewhere on the skin.

Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Dry Oil
Having been keen to try the Kardashian Beauty hair products for a while now, I am so glad this was one of the items included in the swag bag. I have hair that’s wavy, frizzy, and also color damaged. Very few products really work to address all of my concerns at once. I applied a small amount of the oil to my damp hair before blow-drying, it really help cut down on frizz, smooth split ends, and added gloss and shine! Kim also revealed that the entire Kardashian Beauty line is being completely reformulated and that there are big things to come in the future for Kardashian Beauty.

MAC Satin Lipstick in “Peachstock”
I HAVE FINALLY FOUND THE PERFECT NUDE LIPSTICK! It baffles me that I have so many lipsticks from MAC, yet I have never purchased this little piece of heaven that is Peachstock. The color isn’t too pale or too pink, it’s just the perfect blend of beige and pink pigment. MAC Satin lipstick is a personal favorite, they’re super pigmented and the texture is really great. They look great alone or with gloss over top. Just peachy if you ask me ;)!

Circa Ultra Suede Blush in La Spezia #02
Circa Cosmetics is not a brand I was familiar with, so when initially looking at the packaging and following the use of the product, I made the assumption that it was a luxury cosmetics brand… Little did I know that Circa is a drugstore brand. MIND BLOWN. This blush is so beautiful on the skin and a little bit definitely goes a long way. It is super pigmented but the consistency allows for easy blending.

Benefit Watt’s up!
As I said before, Benefit is a favorite line of mine because their products not only have clever names and cute packaging, but also perform exceptionally well. This highlighter on the brow bone and cupids bow looks so beautiful and works for so many skin tones. It’s so easy to apply and super long-lasting. Mario used a lot of Benefit’s products and seemed to really favorite their POREessional powder.

 Original BeautyBlender + BlenderCleanser Solid
The BeautyBlender is honestly one of those tools that I have been using for so long and I really wonder what the heck I ever did without it. It makes applying and blending liquid products so effortless. I’m pleased to add another one of these precious pink gems to my collection. I learned from Mario that a damp BeautyBlender is a great way to apply translucent powder over foundation and concealer to set makeup. I have been using that technique over the past several days and the finish it gives on the skin is really lovely, much more natural. On another note, I think cleaning my makeup brushes is the most annoying thing in the world. I know, what a pretentious complaint, but I have never found a cleanser that gets the job done just right, until now. The BlenderCleanser has changed the game for me! It stripped all traces of product out of my brushes and BeautyBlenders so efficiently. It’s rather convenient to just swirl the brush around on the cleansing disk and add some water opposed to dispensing a liquid product. It also came with a sample of the BlenderCleanser Liquid, which I didn’t get a chance to try, but I look forward to using that the next time my brushes need a deep cleansing.

Sigma F86 Tapered Kabuki +  F64 Soft Blend Concealer + 3DHD Precision
These brushes are luxurious all the way from the top of handle down to the bristles. I have never tried Sigma brushes until now (crazy I know) and I can see why so many people are obsessed with them! I used the Kabuki to roll on translucent powder around my under eyes, but I want to try it to blend some liquids using this brush and see how that goes. The concealer brush was great for blending and creating even coverage around the under eyes and the precision brush did a splendid job of softening up shadow on the lower lashline. I love love love these brushes!

xoxox Lauren Will

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