Ways To Feel More Confident In A Bikini

I was a one-piece bathing suit kind of gal for most of my life, but now I am all about the bikini life!

We put SO much pressure on ourselves to look a certain way and society tells us that we need to have a certain body type in order to wear a bikini. And that my dear, is absolute bullshit! EVERY BODY IS A BIKINI BODY!

But perhaps this summer will be the first time you’re rocking a two piece and I know that can feel super intimidating. So here are 10 ways to help you feel more confident and sexy AF in a bikini, no weird diet teas (lol @ those) or exercise plans required.

1. Pick out a bikini that makes you feel cute AF – Leave the “dress for your shape” nonsense behind and just pick whatever makes you feel hot and accentuate the parts of your body you love. I love a cheeky bottom that shows off the booty! My favorite bikini at the moment is from Dea Rose Swimwear. PrettyLittleThing and Fashion Nova have some really bomb size inclusive options!

2. Practice – Try wearing your suit around the house to get used to it. I know it seems silly, but it is a good way to get comfortable with being just a teensy bit naked.

3. Self-tan – I’m always just a little bit happier with a tan and the golden glow just makes me confident! I’m currently loving the Bali Body Bronzing Mousse.

4. Body oil – You know we love a dewy, glowy, gleaming goddess situation from head to toe. This is my fave one at the moment!

5. Accessorize – Sassy sunglasses always make me feel like a bad bitch.

Ways To Feel More Confident In A Bikini

6. Don’t stress about cellulite or stretch marks – More on this in my body posi solo podcast episode.

7. Smile – For real sister! Sometimes you gotta fake it til you make it.

8. Surround yourself with good people – I personally don’t hang out with anybody who participates in “diet talk” or any sort of “fat shaming” because I mean um, how rude. If you’re feeling anxious or super down, reach out to a friend and get a little boost!

9. Stop comparing yourself – It’s okay to admire the uniqueness of others, but don’t forget your own beauty.

10. Don’t skip meals – It’s just not worth it. You’ll just end up more hangry and stressed.  You gotta nourish to flourish baby!