What’s In My Bag When I Travel

Travelling can be somewhat of a hectic experience, but there are a few things that help make me feel less anxious.

So babes, here is what’s in my purse when I travel! A lot of these things are just add-ons to what I carry around on a daily basis.

What's In My Bag When I Travel



Rose Quartz Roller – You guys know I’m obsessed with facial rolling! For some extra depuffing action, ask the flight attendant for a cup of ice to chill the roller.

Tata Harper Lip Balm – This is my boujee beauty obsession of the moment! It’s so nourishing and smells amazing.

L’Occitane Hand Cream – My holy-grail hand cream thay makes a nice in-flight self-care treat.

Bunhead Scrunchie – I cannot live without these! I can put my hair up and it’ll still look perf when I get off the plane.

Love Wellness Do It All Wipes – You know what’s on fleek no matter where I go? My vaginal health. LOL.

Tarte Facial Mist – This keeps my makeup fresh and skin hydrated. They have a travel-friendly size which is fab!

What's In My Bag When I Travel


Headphones – I keep mine in this cute little case so they don’t get lost.

Screen Cleaning Wipes – Airports and airplanes are DIRTY AF and there is no way I’m letting a filthy phone touch the side of my face.

iPad – My Macbook is SO heavy so an iPad with a detachable keyboard is the way to go. This Etsy shop makes the cute iPad cases/skins on the freaking earth. I have this gorgeous black marble and rose-gold case on mine.


Slip Silk Sleep Mask – SO key for long flights when I need to snooze. Plus it helps stop the delicate skin around the eyes from “dragging,” AKA a quick path to wrinkle central.

Stress Release Rollerball – Sometimes being the airport can make me super anxious so this essential oil rollerball is really helpful. I like to put some on my neck or on my hands and take a few deep inhales.

Luna Bars – Being gluten-free means I typically can’t eat the little plane snacks they give out, so I always bring my own snacks. Their blueberry bliss bar is EVERYTHING and I order them by the box on amazon.

S’Well Bottle – I mean it’s 2019 and plastic water bottles just need to go. This is SO much better for the planet and your wallet.

What's In My Bag When I Travel