What’s On My Phone: Apps for Blogging, Business, and Living Your Best Life

Maybe I’m just creepy AF, but I always love seeing what apps people have on their phones.

I want to show you guys my iPhone essentials that are seriously the best apps for blogging, business, and just life in general!

What's On My Phone


Unum – This is the best Instagram feed planning app by far! You can easily save your most used hashtags into lists which is super convenient.

Lightroom – I organize and edit all my photos in this app. There is no photo editing app that even comes close to Lightroom!

KiraKira – This is what will make your videos sparkly AF! #KiraKira

VSCO – For editing/adding filters to Instagram videos, this is what I use.

Spark Post – It makes creating Instagram story graphics so easy.

Canon Camera Connect – With this app, I can download my photos to my phone straight from my camera.

Tailwind – This can be used to schedule Instagram posts, write up captions and find hashtags. Tailwind also helps me keep an eye on my Pinterest posting schedule.

ShopStyle Collective – If you’re in the ShopStyle Collective affiliate program, this is so key! It’s so convenient to be able to quickly access all of the tools on your phone and see your stats.



Trello – So major for project management! It’s one of my must-haves for staying productive AF.

Dropbox – It’s so easy to share files and keep everything organized. Plus everything that is on my computer can also be accessed here.

Keeper – I’m beyond obsessed with this password management app. I used to keep all of my login info in the notes app (which is not safe at all btw) but Keeper is SO much more organized and easy to use.

Forest – This makes time blocking so much more fun by planting little trees in your forest! If you exit the app to look at something else on your phone during the time you’ve blocked off, your tree will die. It’s cute AF and helps so much with focus.

Upwork – Literally the best app and site ever for hiring freelancers! I used it to find a graphic designer, but you can find a freelancer in literally any niche.