Why I Go For IV Therapy

IV Therapy Vancouver

IV therapy is an huge part of my wellness and self-care routine. A lot of you wanted to know why I get IVs, so let me give you a little back story! A few years ago, I was sick with a cold that just would not go away. No joke, it lasted for a month. My doctor at the time suggested I try a Meyers Cocktail, which I thought was some sort of juice/fruity concoction. NOPE. It’s actually a fluid packed with vitamins,  minerals, and antioxidants that is delivered to your body via IV. After I had my IV “cocktail” I instantly felt better and within a couple of days I was back feeling 100%.

I typically go for an IV drip every couple of weeks. IV therapy has made a huge difference in my mood, anxiety, and overall energy levels. I go for IV therapy at The IV Wellness Boutique in Yaletown. They have a full menu of IV concoctions that target different needs or you can get something completely customized, which is what I typically do. Before the IV, I’ll meet with a doctor to discuss how I’ve been feeling and then she will choose what to put in the IV to give my body exactly what it needs.

From there, it’s just one little poke and then the drip begins. If you’re scared of needles… I totally get it. But honestly, these doctors give SO many IVs on a daily basis so they are total pros and it’s literally painless. I find it also helps that this particular place feels a lot more like a spa and not so much a medical clinic, which is super nice. The drip takes about 45 minutes to an hour and then I’m good to go on with my day. It’s also worth mentioning that an IV drip is known to be an absolute lifesaver if you have a hangover. Obvi they’re super hydrating and obvi replenish nutrients like nothing else ;).

I’m not a doctor, but personally IV therapy has helped me a lot so I just wanted to share my thoughts. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever gotten an IV drip and what your experience was like!