3 Closet Staples Every Vancouver Woman Needs

Vancouver outfit

If you spend a day in Vancouver, you will likely see these three wardrobe items over and over again on the many women who roam the streets. They may not be worn all together at once, but it’s likely. Just for your convenience (and because I’m extra 😉), I’ve decided to showcase these items all together in one comfortable outfit that’s simple AF. Vancouver is a rather casual city, so some variation of this outfit is typically what I’ll be spotted in.  If you don’t own at least one of these items and you live in Vancouver…. Get with the winning team, girlfriend!

Vancouver rainy spring outfit


Vests are kind of my thing, haven’t you noticed?  It’s so nice when you just need that extra layer of warmth, but don’t want to pile on another jacket. What I really love about this vest is how it fits, when it’s zipped all the way up it is really form fitting and curve hugging. So it delivers more sexy outdoorsy vibes rather than a michelin (wo)man sort of look, which is key! I found my exact vest on Revolve and it’s on sale, YAY! But the outfit the model is wearing it with… I’m dead. Please look and tell me I’m not crazy?! I typically try to keep things a bit more laid back when wearing this piece, but hey, whatever makes you feel good girl.


I dedicated an entire post to my love for lulu clothes, so I’m not gonna go into to much detail… But these leggings are so comfortable, they perk up your bum, and they last for-f*cking-ever if you take care of them properly. There are seriously a million variations of Wunder Unders, but I prefer the high-rise tight in full on Luon.


Vancouver rainy day outfit

Just look at the YVR weather forecast and then you’ll see why these are a must have. I’ve had these boots for 8 years, no joke! Again, just another staple piece that will take you through so many seasons! I do love the glossy finish of mine, but if you’re more of a matte black kind of gal or want something colorful, you can go that route as well!DETAILS: Bella Dahl Chambray Button Down  • Louis Vuitton Speedy  • Tiffany and Co. earrings & necklace • iDeal of Sweden  wallet case (use VANCOUVER20 to save)

Do any of my Vancouver readers have any must-have wardrobe items that I need to get?! Let me know in the comments below!

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Photography by Samantha Chan